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Google, Salesforce are thinking of buying Twitter


In surprising bit of news, Twitter might be looking to sell itself to tech companies like Google and Salesforce. The beleaguered microblogging site is apparently throwing in the towel after a long period of sluggish growth and lack of revenue.

Sources told CNBC that Twitter is currently receiving expressions of interest from a number of technology and media firms and could get a formal bid soon. Interestingly, Google is among the names put forth as potential buyers. The latter doesn’t have a strong presence in the social media world, give or take a Google+, which means buying the platform could give it a sure-fire boost in that sector.

Twitter may be ailing, but the site is still a big name when it comes to things like real-time news, live video streaming, and a dedicated, if stagnant, user base. Suitors are apparently interested in the website for the data it churns out and its place in the social landscape as a media company.

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Other names which might be looking to sink their teeth into Twitter include Salesforce. Recode estimates the brand could go for anywhere between $18 billion and $30 billion. Its board of directors is apparently eager for a buyout. However, no sale is going to be happen right this minute and there’s no guarantee a deal will turn up either.

One source who is supposedly close to the talks claims that the process is picking up momentum and may well result in a transaction by the end of the year. Who knows, your tweets might just be powered by Google in the not-so-distant future.