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Google+ rolls out with updates in time for holidays

Google+ Updates 1

Google+ will be seen receiving updates for Pages, Photos, streams and more, according to the latest buzz escaping from the folks atop Mountain View. One of these many improvements will allow users to ‘graphic-equalize’ and tune the incoming streams from circles.

Members should soon be able to adjust how they would want posts from a particular circle to feature in the main stream. To control this, each stream from any circle will now display a slider at the top. These settings can be tweaked so as not miss out on important posts. Another noteworthy update comes to the notifications section wherein users can now peek at previews to immediately know what’s new besides being able to even see the +1s and instantly share posts.

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A post on the official Google blog shares that Google+ Pages now allow adding as many as 50 administrators to a page. Additionally, a new notification flow is in place to allow these administrators to control the concerned page in a better fashion. They can also see how many users have +1ed the page or added it to the circles. So both users as well as the page creators get a brief idea of who or how many people are engaged.

The albums experience with Lightbox has also received a makeover of sorts with some interesting, additional features. Images are brought under the spotlight for better viewing along with the introduction of a suave photo tagging option. Users can seamlessly tag their friends as well as bring the festive feel to the snaps by throwing in Santa caps, antlers and more.

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Google+ Updates 2

As mentioned earlier, the new Google+ updates should be seen hitting the networking suite over the next couple of days.

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