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Google Rolls Out Chrome Update That Extends MacBook Battery Life

google-chrome Google has introduced various updates to its Chrome web browser that will drain the battery life slower on MacBooks, extending the usage users can get from a single charge of their Apple laptop.

With improvements such as memory compression of recently created iframes and JavaScript timers, MacBook users can now browse the web via Chrome and watch videos on YouTube for a longer period of time, reports The Verge.

In tests, a 2022 MacBook Pro 13 (with an M2 chip) was able to browse the web for 17 hours or play YouTube videos for 18 hours before losing power.

According to Francois Doray, a software developer for Chrome, these optimizations will also be coming to Windows, Linux, and Android devices in future Chrome web browser releases.

A few weeks earlier, the tech giant rolled out the Memory and Energy Saver modes by default for Chrome 110 on Mac, Windows, Linux as well as Chromebooks.

In Memory Saver mode, inactive tabs are frozen to free up RAM. Users have the option to keep their frequently visited tabs exempt from this mode.

Energy Saver curbs unnecessary background website activity including visual effects such as smooth scrolling on animations or videos. This can be set to trigger when you’ve unplugged your device from a power outlet or when it’s battery power sinks below 20 percent.