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Google rolls out Additional Online Storage Space, but for a Price

Google offers More space at a Price

Are you one of those who upload tons and tons of photos and videos online, but uses very little email storage space? Well, then this news will please you. Google is now offering its users the ability to buy additional space.

Even though Gmail and Picasa users get 1GB and 2GB of free storage, people do tend to need more space.

Google is offering additional storage space starting a price of $20 per year for 2.8GB more space. And, for 250GB space annually, Google will charge $500.

Besides offering space for Gmail and Picasa, Google is also offering additional storage space for its Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets.

Ryan Aquino, software QA Engineer Lead, Picasa Web Albums, wrote on Google’s official blog that this recent movie is aimed mainly at quenching users’ increasing thirth for online storage.

He said: “In the case of online storage, whether it’s a picture, a video or an email, you should just, well, be able to store it without having to worry about whether you’ve got enough space in each particular product.”

Google’s recent move is most likely to be met with the same lack of enthusiasm, since from the standard 1GB free storage for Picasa and 2.8GB for Gmail, one would have to pay $20 per year for 6GB, $75 for 25GB, $250 for 100GB and $500 for 250GB.

But, those who really require more space, will indeed welcome this move.