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Google rolls out final Android P beta

Android P Navigation Actions
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Google has officially started rolling out the Android P Developer Preview 5 (Beta 4) to developers and normal beta testers alike. Anyone who’s been keeping track of the OS’ development would know that this is pretty much the last one before the final build rolls out to everyone.

Android VP Dave Burke notes as much in his blog post on the Android P Developer Preview 5 (Beta 4). He describes it as a “release candidate build” with final system behaviors, meaning it’ll act just like the real deal. This will allow app makers to test their applications and make any changes before the big day arrives.

Android 9.0 P Name

Google hasn’t revealed just when that day will come. It usually starts sending out cryptic teasers before announcing a date in early August. Android 9.0’s name will also get announced on that day. Nobody knows for sure what it’ll be, but many people are betting on Pistachio.

As always, it’s important to remember that beta builds aren’t always stable. It could easily mess with a smartphone. Google hasn’t highlighted any particular bug or problem though, so it should be safe enough. Pixel users who are part of the beta program will get the upgrade automatically OTA.

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Impatient folks can manually download the system images for the Pixel series here. For those who want to join the beta program, head here. Partners like Nokia and OnePlus will issue their own Android P Beta 4 updates in due time. In fact, Essential has already rolled it out for the PH-1.

An important highlight missing from the beta software are Android P’s digital wellness tools – Dashboard, App Timer, and Wind Down. Google isn’t even planning on including them in the first public release. They’re set to be bundled into an update this fall which could be code for the Pixel 3 and Android 9.1 P.