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Google revamps My Maps in first update since 2014

Google My Maps

It’s been two years since Google had last updated its My Maps app, leading many to believe it was planning to abandon the tool. As it turns out, the company thinks there’s some life in the application yet and has released a new update for it in order to help it recover from its extended slumber.

The 2016 version of Google My Maps has gotten rid of the now archaic 2014 style of the app and replaced it with a more modern look and feel. Its interface is similar to the Google Maps tool, except people can create their own customized maps and share it with their friends.

For instance, a user can plan an entire trip on My Maps by starting a new map and marking routes to travel by, adding notes to the locations, and opening it up to other people. Consumers can also seek out a specific location and drop a pin with a name of their choosing. All the maps created are now searchable in a list.

New changes include things like the ability to view photos and videos which were added on the web, an expanded Street View from many more places and direction to previously saved points. Google claims the application is faster with a noticeably improved performance. It’s also made it easier for people to have a look around through a welcome guide.

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My Maps further lets individuals choose how they view an area, allowing them to select terrain, standard or satellite as their basemap. The new changes are now live and can be downloaded via the Google Play Store.