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Google releases SketchUp 7 software for download

Google SketchUp 7

Introducing an updated version of its SketchUp application, Google has launched the all new Google SketchUp 7 and the SketchUp 7 Pro.

SketchUp is software that is used to build 3D models of just about anything, any structure like one’s house, furniture, robots, even abstract art. It is also used by engineers and architects.

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In the update of the SketchUp 7 software Google has added “dynamic components” which makes is simple to use for beginners.

The Dynamic components makes the structures behave the way they are supposed to! For example, if you stretch a staircase along the scale, it will not stretch since it can’t, being a staircase, it will simply add steps to itself! – which means scaling without stretching.

Other new feature is that you can “sign” 3D models to take credits and also give credits and the software has been made easier to share by adding the Google Docs-style collaboration and sharing to Google’s 3D warehouse.

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Plus there is an all new interact tool which makes clicking fun as it can perform animations, rotate, move, resize, change color or move to a scene in the model just by a click.

There is also an update for the experienced SketchPro users which is the beta version of LayOut 2 to create 2D multi-page documents and presentations. Since the LayOut file is linked to the 3D models, any changes and updates in it will directly update the models.

The rest of the improvisations enable crossing lines to break automatically, configuration of objects with component options. There are also custom templates.

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For the advanced edition of SkecthUp 7 Pro, there is the Dynamic component feature for it as well, and also featuring are the custom attributes with the option to generate reports and lots more.

The SketchUp 7 is free for download, whereas the Pro version costs $495. Upgrading to the latest Pro version costs $95.

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