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Google releases Email Security and Compliance Products for Businesses

Google Apps and Powered by Postini Logo While Yahoo’s Zimbra came forward to launch the latest version of its email collaboration suite, rival Google wasn’t far behind and decided to play it ‘safe’. Yesterday, Google announced a series a security products powered by Postini which offer message filtering, encryption and archiving for businesses.

The best part is that Google’s newly launched security products work with just about any mail system including Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange and Novell Groupwise.

It’s a known fact that companies whether they are big or small are always on the look-out for solutions that offer security and compliance.

According to Scott Petry, director of product management, Google, “As threats rise in volume and complexity, and compliance requirements pile up, IT is struggling to find the resources to keep up. Now, Google can take care of this for you. Organizations of all shapes and sizes can get access to Google’s industry leading security and compliance technologies.”

Businesses can choose from a number of Google security and compliance services to best suit their needs. There’s Google Message Filtering, Google Message Security and Google Message Discovery.

Google Message Filtering is Postini’s leading service that filters incoming spam and malware. It will be perfect for companies who want to handle the growth of spam, virus and other email threats and for those who want to shift the burden off of on-premises resources. It is available at $3 per user per year.

Google Message Security which costs $12 per user per year includes Google Message Filtering, plus enhanced virus detection, outbound processing and current policy management. This product is meant for companies who are worried about the ever-rising external security threats and internal risks like email data leaks or content compliance violations.

Google Message Discovery includes Google Message Security as well as one year of message data archiving, retention and discovery. Available at $25 per user per year, this product is perfect for companies seeking to reduce security exposure, and improve legal discovery readiness and message compliance.

The above mentioned security products are part of the Google Apps platform and are immediately available directly from Google and through channel partners. Moreover, it can be deployed within hours.