Google Reader now available with new changes

Google ReaderWith the wide ranging services and massive information the internet is providing, one definitely needs applications like Google Reader. And with the new and improved Google Reader, things are bound to get easier.

That is right. The Google Reader has made new changes to it for the convenience of users. The new changes let the users to approach their most favourite sites without any hassles. Earlier, to add the feeds, the users had to subscribe to them by clicking on “Add subscription” box. After doing so they had to either type the address of the site or enter the key words.

The entering of the key words would result in a long list of webpages, even the ones that don’t have feeds. To do this, the Google Reader employed a standard Web search. However, with the latest change, the Google Reader will now filter the web pages without any feeds and display a filtered search result.

As the official Google blog explains – earlier if you typed keyword like ‘New Scientist’, the Google Reader will display the search results like that in a standard web search. However, now when you type ‘New Scientist’, the Google reader will automatically add the subscription to the New Scientist site.

While the new Google Reader worked most of the time for most of the websites, it failed to display a more accurate search for sites like Wikipedia and YouTube and the sites with irrelevant feeds.

So basically, when a user fills in the keyword in the Add Subscription box, the Google reader will straight away subscribe to the result at the top. However, one thing to be noted is that, this does not work in case of general navigation queries like ‘scientist’ or ‘new’. You can avail of Google Reader by going here