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6 Google Reader Alternatives

The Google Reader alternatives we’ve jotted down will help you soak in all your favorite websites via a single, straight-forward space. Ever since the Mountain View company announced earlier this month that it would soon retire the application, fans have been searching high and low across the internet for an apt substitute. Well, the actual date given by the bigwig is July 1, 2013, which means that there are just 3 months left to find a replacement. Now in order to lend a hand to overcome this dilemma, we have gathered a few worthy options that you could choose from. Go ahead and check them out.

1 – Feedly:


Feedly forays onto the scene with the tagline, ‘better way to organize, read and share the content of your favorite sites.’ It’s looked upon as a powerful tool that comes complete with a host of innovative features such as multiple layout options, tagging, keyboard shortcuts, auto-mark as read and advanced sharing. Through this space, you’ll be able to seamlessly arrange all your desired news sites, blogs, YouTube channels, and podcasts so that they appear neatly in one place.

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What’s more, you can also access them while on the go, all thanks to the free iOS and Android apps. This allows you to save engaging articles on different gadgets and even share these bits with others through Facebook, Evernote, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

2 – Pulse:


Pack your Pulse with interests and topics that appeal to you. All your desired content can be plucked right out of sources such as magazines, blogs, newspapers or social networks. Maybe you have a keen interest in art and design or you could be a complete foodie. Well, through this entrant in our sites like Google Reader roster, you’ll be able to espy pages pertaining to all these subjects and more.

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‘Read, save and share your favorite stories,’ is the call to arms here. You’ll even be presented with a visual mosaic layout that displays all the news bits in a clutter-free manner. You can save interesting articles to read later and sync stories and sources across various platforms like iOS and Android-infused devices via the means of their respective free applications.

3 – NewsBlur:


Get all the latest news served to you hot on the virtual platter via NewsBlur. All the stories that matter to you get automatically pushed to your page as it’s published. You even have the option of viewing the content in its original context. See something your friends might appreciate as well? Simply share these information bits with them on your public blur-blog. What’s more, you can also highlight the ones you like and cover the ones you don’t. And as expected, there are also dedicated iPad, iPhone and Android apps that can be acquired absolutely free of cost. Besides proffering a free account, the service even extends a special premium account which features unlimited sites as well as public, protected, and private shares. You can sign on the dotted line for the latter after shelling out just $24 for a whole year.

4 – Netvibes:


This inclusion in our services similar to Google Reader array puts all your interesting stories onto one single dashboard. Netvibes further proffers real-time monitoring of all your applications, feeds, tweets and enterprise systems. There’s even plenty of personalization attributes to exploit here. A few of its other features include tagging, alerts, search, analytics, curation, and sentiments.

As per your requirements, you can pick out from a trio of editions namely, Basic, Premium for One and Premium for Teams. While the former is free to procure, the Premium for One version will cost you just under $500 per month complete with a 14-day free trial period.

5 – The Old Reader:

The Old Reader

It claims to be just like the old version of the service in question here, only better. You can expect to see heaps of desired content strewn across a single space that you can share with friends and family, complete with comments and notes. Once you sign in, you can subscribe to a feed by hitting the ‘add a subscription’ button and even arrange them according to your fancy by simply dragging and dropping the feeds and folders around the virtual space. There are also keyboard shortcuts you can use to navigate within these confines. And unlike most of the other sites like Google Reader listed here, this option doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app as yet. However, The Old Reader does provide a Chrome extension.

6 – Bloglines:


Through our final contender, you’ll be able to seamlessly track your favorite blogs and websites all in real-time via a single dashboard. Bloglines hit the scene nearly a decade ago and includes various customizable attributes such as drag and drop organization, multiple view options and exclusive widgets.

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Through these inclusions, you can soak up trending topics and the latest news bits just the way you want. Interacting with the option is as easy as pie. You won’t even have to dabble in any software downloads or installments.


Want to keep up with your favorite websites and blogs without having to open too many tabs and get lost within the chaos that may ensue? Well, fear not as all of the aforesaid Google Reader alternatives are your best bets when it comes to finding apt substitutes. Each of them even boasts of incorporating some great individual features that will surely strike a chord with tech enthusiasts. So have you already decided upon one that suits your needs to the tee? Well, try the lot out and let us know which gem managed to catch your eye.