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Google is pulling the plug on the Chrome app launcher


Those who prefer using the Chrome app launcher for initiating apps on their favourite browser are in for some bad news, even as Google has decided to pull the plug on this feature. However, these people are a pretty small bunch according to the company and that’s why it has taken the decision to yank it.

Over the next several months, Google will slowly remove the Chrome app launcher from the Windows, Mac and Linux versions of its browser. Of course, this trait will stay alive in Chrome OS for which it was originally built.

Google has found that a large number of people prefer launching their apps from within the browser itself, rather than outside with the Chrome app launcher. This, combined with the developers’ focus on ‘simplicity and streamlining browser features’ has resulted in the retiring of the launcher.

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Within a few weeks from now, Chrome will stop enabling the launcher when a user first installs a Chrome app, unlike right now. And all those who currently have it installed on their taskbars or docks will be sent a notification about its upcoming demise.

Following that, July will be the month in which the Chrome app launcher will be put completely out of service by Google. Users of the browser will still be able to access apps though by clicking on their shortcuts in the bookmarks bar or by typing chrome://apps in the omnibox of the popular browser.

Although we have the Google Chrome app launcher installed on our systems, we don’t remember any instance of actually using it to start an app. What about you?