Google Privacy Policies integrated across products, Terms of Service also revised

Google Privacy Policies

A major revamp regarding Google Privacy Policies and Terms of Service is on the way. The company has decided to introduce some major changes in the manner these aforementioned regulations apply to all the products and services offered by it.

Even after implementing alterations back in October 2010, the folks at Mountain View had over 70 documents to be referred to, in concern with the plethora of services they offer. So it seems like this new development might just reduce their workload too, since it is expected to amalgamate over 60 such documents.

One privacy policy for various products is expected to help users as well. When signed into personal Google accounts, information provided there will be combined with other sister services offered by the company. This will lead to the concerned user being treated as a single individual across all Google platforms, leading to a more personalized treatment. Search results and ad management will also be made more effective.

“We believe this new, simpler policy will make it easier for people to understand our privacy practices as well as enable Google to improve the services we offer. Whether you’re a new Google user or an old hand, please do take the time to read our new privacy policy and terms, learn more about the changes we’re making and understand the controls we offer,” wrote Alma Whitten, Director of Privacy, Product and Engineering, on the official Google blog.

Google Terms of Service

Another change this season is in regards to the Terms of Service. The number has been brought down for the convenience of both Google as well as its users. Furthermore, the company also highlights what it won’t be changing. Data liberation commitments, along with sharing of personal information will remain unaffected.

The new Google Privacy Policies and Terms of Service will be brought into effect starting March 1.