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Google Plus custom URLs for verified profiles and pages start rolling out

Google Plus Custom URl

Google Plus has started providing users the ability to set custom URLs. This feature is currently being rolled out to a restricted number of verified pages and profiles on the social network.

The main purpose for introducing this capability is to create a convenient method for users to share their profiles and pages with others through a simple link. For instance, a brand like Toyota which is presented in a ‘+TOYOTA’ format, will be able to create a shortened URL without any complicated numerals or letters. It would read something like this – google.com/+Toyota.

“Custom URLs will also be available to people and pages worldwide, so brands like Globo can point readers to google.com/+epoca, or any of their other Brazilian publications. At first, we’re introducing custom URLs to a limited number of verified profiles and pages. But over time we plan to offer custom URLs to many more brands and individuals, so please stay tuned!” states Google employee, Saurabh Sharma, through a post on the official Google+ account.

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Apart from the Google Plus profile, various other pages and accounts have been upgraded with this attribute. They include popular companies like Hugo Boss, Ubisoft and Delta, as well as celebrities such as David Beckham, Hugh Jackman and Madonna. On the downside, the tech giant states that the facility isn’t quite ready for implementation on a global scale just yet.

As stated earlier, Google Plus custom URLs are being made available to limited users and brands with verified accounts. The Mountain View folks plan on pushing out the feature to a wider audience over time.