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Google Play website lets Android users update or uninstall apps remotely

Google Play Website

The Mountain View folks have been enjoying such a busy week, they almost let the news of the Google Play website which allows Android users to update or uninstall apps remotely, slip by unnoticed. Well, that should be a relief for those with multiple Android devices and the inability to manage all their applications without complaining.

Basically, those with an account can hit up the virtual marketplace which hosts the Google Play website. To check out all the apps loaded on their smartphones or tablets, users can simply click on the My Android Apps tab and avail of the entire list. For those with several devices hooked up to an account, there shouldn’t be any trouble with regards to figuring out which tool goes where.

The grid of games, utilities and what not are arranged in alphabetical order, though applications which have pending updates available are displayed first. The option to delete an app is indicated by a trash can icon placed below it. However, utilities noted as System Apps cannot be deleted. This means Facebook for Android, Google Maps, Gmail and more will be staying firmly in place. Also Android users won’t find it any easier to get rid of ‘carrier bloatware,’ says The Verge.

Google Play Website

Clicking the delete icon does not make the application in question vanish into thin air at once. Instead, users will be confronted with a warning dialog first to ensure that accidental deletions don’t occur. One element that’s noticeable by its absence is the ability to update all the applications by selecting a single option. Though it’s true that people can always choose to enable automatic updates, it may not be the wisest option for those who want to save on battery life.

Android device users who’ve been meaning to update or uninstall apps for a long time can head to the Google Play website on their browser and see if the processes get any more convenient.