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Google Play Music has made a jump to Canada finally

For far too long now, the US’ next-door neighbor has not been able to experience the full benefits of Google Play Music just like most other countries in the world. That has changed now that an update has made the app has been blessed with all the premium features that make it so desirable.

Sure, Google Play Music could be used before for playing local content. However, Canadian Android and iOS device owners can now store up to 20,000 songs online and access them through their phones, tablets or the web. Moreover, they will also receive the ability to create ad-free and interactive radio stations of their favorite artists.

Google Play Music

The app even lets you browse recommendations from experts as well as explore songs by genre. All this comes with a subscription which can be purchased for $9.99 a month, with the first 30 days being free. As an introductory offer, Canadian buyers will be able to purchase their subscriptions at $7.99 a month until June 30.

Updates have been issued to both the Android as well as iOS versions of Google Play Music, so that the people from up North can immediately start experiencing high-quality tracks on their devices in a seamless fashion.