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Google Pixel 6 Users Complain About Alleged Dot On Screen

google pixel 5 After experiencing a series of issues in the recent past, several Google Pixel 6 users have now reported black spots that have started appearing on their phones’ screens.

On social media sites like Twitter, Reddit, and the Google Support website, several Google Pixel 6 users expressed their concern about the black dot on their smartphone’s screen.

“I had some dead pixels from the front-facing camera. I didn’t drop the phone or damage the screen so I have no idea how it happened. The repair was free under warranty, it just took forever lol. Been using my work Pixel 6 with my T-Mobile sim in the meantime,” a user wrote on the microblogging site.

“I noticed a black dot has appeared next to the inner camera lens. Is this a software or a hardware issue? It is about the same size as the camera but a bit
more oval… Already tried restarting. Hasn’t solved anything,” a user wrote on Reddit.

On the support page, a Pixel 6 Pro user complained about black spots and mentioned that Google support (chat/call) is not helping either.

“The screen has developed a black dot that appears to be growing. The phone has not been dropped and has been updated,” the user wrote.

The Google Pixel 6 series never seems to run out of bugs.

Recently, the Google Pixel 6 series appeared to be suffering from another bug as some Pixel owners reported that their phones were failing to ring when there was an incoming call.

Pixel 6 and 6 Pro were automatically rejecting some phone calls from their saved contacts without even ringing their devices.