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Google Pixel 5 May Support Reverse Charging, Double Tap Gesture on Rear Panel

Google Pixel Android 11 Preview
Image credit: XDA-Developers (Pixel 2 XL running Android 11)

There’s major evidence to prove that the Google Pixel 5 will support reverse wireless charging as well as double tap gestures on its rear panel. This comes courtesy of the Android 11 Developer Preview unveiled by Google just recently. More on that later. First let’s talk about the Pixel 5.

We know the company’s working hard on its next flagship thanks to a Google employee referencing the device in an Android Open Source Project commit. Droid Life managed to get a screenshot of the inadvertent leak before all trace of it was deleted.

Since Android 11 beta is out for developers to tinker with, more details have emerged about the Pixel 5 (and possibly other mid-range 2020 Pixel phones). For one, XDA-Developers has uncovered a “Battery Share” feature tagged “com.google.android” instead of “com.android.”

This implies a function that will be specific to Google products and not a generic implementation across all handsets. The description says the product in question will not be able to share its juice while charging wirelessly. It indicates that the Google device running Android 11 will be capable of ‘reverse charging”, which means powering other gadgets.

google pixel 5 leak
Image courtesy: Droid Life

Secondly, its battery level will run out quicker when using the power sharing function. It’s also been noted that “Battery Share” will work with select earbuds, watches and phones among other devices. Samsung and Huawei already offer smartphones with reverse charging capability.

It makes sense for Google to implement this feature in its upcoming Pixel devices, whether it’s in the Pixel 5 or mid-range options.

Next comes the reveal about double tap gestures on the rear panel, also from XDA-Developers. Code-named Columbus, this new function will allow users to open the camera app, launch Google Assistant, silence incoming calls, snooze alarms, play/pause media and so on by just double tapping the rear panel of their phone.

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Yet again, it offers all indication of being a Google-specific feature, which naturally leads to the assumption that the Pixel 5 will have it. Of course, this should also be available on any one of the company’s phones as you can see from the image of the Pixel 2 XL pasted above.

Whether Google will enable double tap gestures on the rear panel for older Pixel devices updating to Android 11’s consumer version is not clear as yet. Keep your fingers crossed. It sounds like a pretty convenient functionality to have on your phone.