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Bizarre Google Pixel 3 XL bug adds a second notch on the side

Google Pixel 3 XL Notch
Image Credit: UrAvgConsumer/Twitter

The Pixel 3 XL has been the butt of notch jokes and hate posts ever since the device hit the rumor mills. People really seem to hate the unsightly cutout, which just makes reports of a new notch-creating bug funnier.

Yes, you read that right. Google has somehow managed to dream up a glitch which forces a second notch to grow on the side of the Pixel 3 XL. It sounds like something a prankster would come up with to fool folks, but it’s real. Various owners have seen the bug with their own eyes and posted photos on Twitter and Reddit.

Google Pixel 3 XL Notch
Image Credit: Kyle Gutschow/Twitter; disastar/Imgur

Nobody knows how the Pixel 3 XL spontaneously created a twin notch. It sometimes erupts on the right side of the phone and other times the left. Everyone who’s experienced this abomination claims that it disappears after a reboot or adjusting some developer settings. One person tried taking a screenshot but the doppelganger notch didn’t show up in the image.

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Android Police theorizes that the bug could have something to do with the Pixel 3 XL getting confused while rotating the screen. Interestingly, Android 9.0 Pie does have support for multiple notches. Google had previously specified that phones couldn’t have more than 2 notches at the top or bottom of a phone.

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Perhaps something went wrong internally and Google accidentally let the second notch out. In any case, the company has confirmed that it knows about the bizarre extra notch and plans to roll out a fix soon. It didn’t offer any explanations as to why this was happening though. It’s probably embarrassed and wants all this to go away as quickly as possible.

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If you have a Pixel 3 XL and want to hide the main notch, go to Settings > System > About Phone and tap “Build number” 7 times. You’ll get a popup informing you that you’re a developer now. Next, you’ll have to head to Settings > System > Developer options > Display cutout and tap on Hide. The notch will now be cloaked with a black bar.