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Google Pixel 3 to shoot ‘Super Selfies’ with dual front cameras

Google Pixel 3 XL Notch
Image Credit: Wylsacom

Google’s always been known for emphasizing photography with its Pixel series and it looks like this year is going to be no different. The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have already gotten leaked several times, but a new report has something new to offer by deep-diving into the lineup’s camera.

One aspect is already very clear thanks to repeated hands-on photo leaks – the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will have a single rear shooter, bucking the dual lens trend taken up by Apple and Samsung. Sources told 9to5Google that Google is doubling down on producing a camera which is powerful enough to not require a second snapper.

Google Pixel 3 Dual Camera Selfies

Highlights may include superior low-light shooting and a new Visual Core chip. The latter is apparently going to be used for more than just HDR+ this time around, but more details are unavailable at the moment. Weirdly enough, it looks like Google is taking the opposite approach in the selfie department.

Instead of making a single selfie lens powerful enough to not require a second, Google is probably going to employ two cameras up front. This can be clearly seen in the close-up of the notch above. This system may also help explain why the cutout is so monstrously large. It’s received a lot of criticism for its height, with many calling it a big distraction.

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Turns out, Google is supposedly focusing on “Super Selfies” with the Pixel 3 duo. The combined power of the two lenses results in bokeh effects in Portrait Mode. This in itself is not that unique, but the brand is said to be implementing some improvements so that their selfies stand out from the crowd.

For instance, one of the cameras might have a wide-angle lens. Leaked photos of the Pixel 3 XL’s camera interface provide some more clues, like a “Natural” and “Soft” option, plus zoom-in abilities.

For all its efforts, Google is apparently ready to abandon dual selfie shooters in future Pixel devices if it doesn’t get positive feedback. No word yet on whether this philosophy applies to the notch as well.