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Google Pixel 2 XL hit with unresponsive edges issue

Google Pixel 2 XL

The Pixel 2 XL has just added another issue to what seems like an endless parade of problems with regards to its screen. An owner took to the Pixel User Community forum a few weeks ago to complain about his unit’s unresponsiveness along the edges of the display.

His post first clarifies that his Pixel 2 XL’s panel works when sliding his fingers along the curved edges, but doesn’t repeat this behavior when just tapping along the sides. The right was a bit less responsive than the left, leading him to conduct a test using the Display Tester app which corroborated his findings.

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Several other users chimed in, revealing that they were facing pretty much the same problem with their Pixel 2 XL units. No one has come up with a solution yet, with the original poster stating that Google’s standard screen troubleshooting advice doesn’t work.

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He also thinks that the fault lies with Google’s accidental touch protection software. It may be performing its duties a bit too well, preventing owners from accessing the sides of their Pixel 2 XL in their day-to-day life while playing games or interacting with apps.

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Google has since acknowledged the issue and begun investigating the concern. The problem is set to get fixed in a future OTA update, so there is something definitely wrong on the software and not the hardware side of things. This will likely come as a relief for those who don’t want to hand back their phone.

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