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Google Pixel 2 to come with better camera, cheaper Pixel 2B variant

Google Pixel 2 Front

The Google Pixel 2 hit headlines recently when a few alleged images of it surfaced online showing off a revamped look. Now a new report brings some fresh information about the handset to light.

A source told 9to5Mac that Google is concentrating its efforts on raising the photography skills of the Pixel 2 to greater heights. The company is apparently looking to master low-light photography with its next offering. The smartphone probably won’t have a large MP size, compensating with extra features instead.

One of the biggest complaints directed against the original Pixel is its lack of water resistance. This may change now with the next model of the series, with the same insider stating that the ability is still on the table after previously asserting that it would definitely be making an appearance.

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Google is supposedly testing multiple variants of the handset running Snapdragon 83X, Intel and its own custom processors. MediaTek was rumored to be in consideration as a candidate previously, but that is likely not the case anymore. While specific cost details aren’t available as of now, the phone’s rate may go up by at least $50.

Intriguingly, the search giant is said to be internally evaluating a few prototypes of a phone dubbed the Pixel 2B. It’s seemingly a lower-end version with a cheaper price tag and less powerful hardware. It might be launched alongside or soon after the Pixel 2 and be aimed at different regions.

The Pixel 2B is reportedly Google’s attempt to bring the Google experience and Google Phone to emerging markets. It should be noted that all this information is subject to change closer to the Pixel 2’s arrival as the handset is clearly still being developed.