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Google Photos wants you to ‘Rediscover your memories’ with a new feature

Quite opposite to Hangouts, the Google Photos service just keeps getting better and better. It has now been blessed with a new feature that lets you rediscover pictures from the past which you can keep for yourself or even share with others.

This is an opt-in attribute; just in case someone is not excited by it at all. It will work with both the mobile as well as web versions of Google Photos. Once you decide to opt in, you will be shown pictures taken years ago on that day, if they’re substantial enough to display.

They can even arrive in the form of collages, just like the one you’re seeing in the image right below. These pictures will be accessible through the Assistant section of Google Photos, which is also responsible for magically creating video montages, GIFs, panoramas and more.

Google Photos

It was only two days back that the service was blessed with a new update. The newest version of the Google Photos app allows you to reorder pictures from albums, while also letting you add particular videos to its Movies. Additionally, the service was also recently given the option to change the date and time stamps of images.

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For those unaware, Google Photos is a neat tool for organizing all your photographs and videos. It offers free unlimited storage space as long as your images are up to 16MP and your videos, 1080p. If they’re larger than that, you can either choose to compress them while uploading or have them take up your Google Drive space.

The newest update to the Google Photos app is live now on the Android, iOS as well as web versions of the service.