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Google Photos leaves absolutely nothing to be desired as far as image storage is concerned

Along with Android M, a revamped version of Google Photos was also unveiled last night by Mountain View. This service has now been removed from Google+, and is its own separate entity. The most exciting part however is that it provides you with unlimited photo and video storage for free.

That’s right; Google Photos has just triumphed over competition by becoming the most desirable image storage companion. Of course, there’s some kind of compression involved here, but the company has stressed on the fact that the differences are almost unnoticeable.

Users will be able to store pictures of up to 16MP and videos of up to 1080p in full resolution. Tie-ups with Google Drive will be required if you wish to store full-res files. A new Assistant section offers similar but better features compared to Auto-Awesome, so you can edit your pictures as you please.

Google Photos

Organization is one more aspect of the new Photos service that has managed to catch our attention. The app makes use of advanced algorithms to identify stuff from your images. It then groups them according to people, places, locations and more. This way, while searching you can type in words like ‘dog’ and have all pictures of your dog ready for you to see.

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And then there are advanced sharing options as well. Your photos and videos can be shared across third-party apps directly through the Photos app, whereas you can also create a single link for posting multiple photos and videos that can be selected easily.

Google Photos

Google Photos can now be accessed through the web and be downloaded onto your smartphones via the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.

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