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Google Photos gets some useful new editing tools

Google Photos

Google Photos has received a much-needed update in the photo editing department about a year after the service was smuggled out of Google+. Images could be modified using the Snapseed tool in the latter, something which the former lost out on when it became a standalone product.

While the changes to Google Photos aren’t as dramatic as they should be, it will probably make things easier for users. For one, consumers can multitask faster while editing now. They’ll be able to toggle between pictures while still in edit mode. Any tweaks made get saved automatically. Thankfully, this isn’t permanent, so people still have the option to go back to the original.

The second new feature comes in the form of an aspect ratio selector for cropping. Individuals now get to choose between 16:9, 4:3, Original and Square. Note that this update is only live on the desktop version of Google Photos and not its app. There’s no word on when exactly the brand is planning to roll out the changes to the application, but it’ll probably happen soon.

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For now, Android users of Google Photos can look forward to a redesigned layout in the most recent upgrade. The application no longer has a swiping interface to switch between sliding screens. Patrons will instead have to utilize the new bar at the bottom of their display which presents them with the options of Assistant, Photos and Albums.

The Assistant page in Google Photos now has large buttons at the top which allows people to create a collage, animation, album and movie. Albums has been granted a scrolling carousel to view photos, videos and places. The update is rolling out slowly to all users right now. You can download it via the Google Play Store.