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Google Photos can play slideshows for you now


Ever since Google Photos was launched last year, it has been getting a steady stream of features that are enhancing its already awesome abilities. The newest such addition is support for playing slideshows of images, so you don’t have to keep tapping the screen while showing your friends that album of your latest Goa trip.

This is especially useful for those who use Chromecast for viewing their photographs on their TVs. The new slideshow feature of Google Photos works on the web and Android versions, with the iOS variant of the app having been left out of its purview.

In order to start a slideshow, you need to first open a photograph – preferably the first one – from any album of yours. You will need to then tap on the dropdown menu and select the ‘Slideshow’ option there in order to start the presentation. After that, you can just sit back and relax as your phone plays all the 482 photos you so gleefully clicked during your outing.

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Each photograph will stay for 5 seconds before making way for the next one. Strangely though, Google Photos just skips playing any videos from your album if you don’t tap on their play button. The slideshow just shows their thumbnails for 5 seconds before moving on to the next file.

A recent update to this app granted users the facility to add comments to photos and videos within Shared Albums. Moreover, it also started showing smart suggestions featuring a list of possible photographs or videos you can add to an album that has been shared with you by someone else.

Like we said, the slideshow functionality of Google Photos is live now on both the Android and web versions of the app.