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Google Photos can now delete pics to help you save space

In what should be welcome news for people with low-capacity smartphones, Google Photos has announced a number of updates which help users save up on space. The new features have begun rolling out for Android and will hit the iOS platform soon.

A new Free Up Space option under the settings tab allows Google Photos to bulk-delete photos which have already been saved to the cloud. The application asks for further confirmation after clicking the button, just in case of an accidental tap. Furthermore, the Assistant tool now displays a card asking users to remove local photos if their device is near its storage limit.

This option was available only to people backing up pictures in Original quality till now, and is now applicable for High quality snaps as well. The former refers to full-resolution unaltered photos saved as they are, while the latter is compressed by Google and converted to a smaller file size. The app currently allows consumers to save them in either format.

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Notably, Original quality images took up room in a person’s Google storage quota, whereas High quality ones did not. Till now, if a person decided to switch from the first option to the second, only their future pictures would be saved in the new system. The updated Photos application now lets them downgrade their older photos as well.

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All they have to do is visit this link from their computer and select Recover Storage. Finally, Google is beaming out a fix for certain devices with microSD card slots. It resolves a problem where a card-stored image continues to be displayed in Photos even though it has been deleted from the gadget.

Version 1.9 of Google Photos can be downloaded from the Play Store.