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Google Phone App Adds ‘Caller ID Announcement’

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To help users screen unwanted calls, the Google Phone app is rolling out the Caller ID Announcement feature that will announce the name and number of any incoming calls.

Despite being a rudimentary feature, it will undoubtedly be a big inclusion that many people will have been waiting for, 9To5Google reported.

Other OEMs have provided their alternatives, but since the Google Phone app has been made available to all Android devices and starting to become the default dialer for many Android phones, it’s an important new addition.

To enable the new feature you can open Google Phone > Settings > Caller ID announcement.

The “Announce caller ID” is disabled by default but you can choose between “Always,” “Only when using a headset,” or “Never”.

In conjunction with the blocking options, this should help you manage unwanted calls with much more precision.

The Caller ID announcement in the latest Google Phone build might be especially useful if you are listening to music or general audio and have it unceremoniously cut short due to a random incoming call, the report said.

As an accessibility feature, it might prove invaluable for those with visual impairments, as you no longer need to answer to decide if a call is relevant, it added.