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Google outs new Springboard AI-powered assistant for enterprises

Google Springboard

Google has launched a brand new app dubbed Springboard for its enterprise customers, alongside a revamped Google Sites. The two are part of the brand’s Google Apps suite and have been in testing with a small group of customers so far.

The apps are now ready to break out into the mainstream, with Google opening up admissions for its Early Adopter Program. Springboard basically acts as an assistant for enterprise consumers, using its machine intelligence to search for information quickly across a wide number of platforms including Calendar, Gmail, Drive, Docs and Contacts.

In a blog post, Google claims that the average knowledge worker spends the equivalent of one full day a week searching for and gathering information. In that light, Springboard should prove to be a useful companion for business consumers who don’t want to spend too much time seeking something.

Google Sites

Other than functioning as an advanced Google Now for enterprises, Springboard also assists employees throughout their workday by supplying useful and actionable data and recommendations. Moving on to Google Sites, the platform has been in need of an overhaul for a while now, with the new development marking the biggest update to the product since its launch in 2008.

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While Google Sites is a very popular service, it’s been limited in its accessibility. This won’t be the case any longer as customers can now build fluid and smooth pages for sharing among team members. It features an easy to use drag-and-drop design experience which gives way for real-time collaboration between multiple people, just like Docs.

The revamped Google Sites also offers easy access to all Calendar, Drive, Maps and Docs content. Its themes and layouts are now flexible, which means they can scale to any screen size from a 30-inch monitor to a 5-inch smartphone.