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Google Offers New Features For Space Managers In Chat

new space manager capabilities in Google Chat

Google has just announced new capabilities for space managers in Google Chat. These include the ability to decide if members can add or remove members or groups to a space, for starters.

Then there’s the Space Configuration feature which will let space managers decide if members can change space details, such as name, icon, description, and guidelines, or turn Chat history on/off for the space.

The Conversation Moderation function lets space managers determine whether members can use @all in a space, explained Google in its Workspace Updates blog.

The space manager role goes to the creator of the space by default. But managers get to choose whether they’d like to assign or remove managers for these spaces.

They can also mark spaces as “Discoverable” or “Restricted”, and delete spaces or messages.

Spaces is available to Google Workspace, legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers. Folks with personal Google accounts don’t have access to this service.

The changes have been rolling out to Google Workspace users on the Rapid Release track since March 13. The updates will start hitting Scheduled Release domains from March 27 onwards.