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Google Offers for iPhone app now available through iTunes

Google Offers For iPhone

Apple smartphone users will not have to look any further to get to know about all the available deals as the Google Offers for iPhone app has been released. It is not only helpful with regards to discovering, buying and redeeming offers on the Google site in question, but also to those on a horde of other websites, while on the move.

Besides an option to purchase numerous offers in advance, it allows subscribers to make use of the free ones instantly or even save them for later. All users need to do, is open the application and show it at the concerned place to take advantage of a particular offer. In addition to sending notifications to the iPhone regarding deals, it also keeps users informed about the saved or purchased deals that may expire soon.

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This tool allows users to browse through offers in a map view for nearest possible locations and even provides an option to launch a search based on categories, to instantly find the required deal. Moreover, the search engine giant has collaborated with websites and local businesses to provide people with offers spread over various categories. This could be a reason why this app is currently only available for those residing in the US.

And if that’s not enough, the transactions can be carried out virtually sans printed vouchers that should work towards eliminating the possibility of losing or misplacing them. Considering that the deals have gone virtual, subscribers can keep a track of their transactions in ‘My Offers,’ which can be accessed via the iPhone or through a web browser.

The Google Offers for iPhone app can now be downloaded through the Apple App Store, free of charge.

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