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Google Now won’t let you forget about that product you researched online

Week by week, Google Now is expanding in newer directions. This useful accompaniment to the Search app for Android devices has been getting a number of updates recently, infusing it with abilities like working while offline, telling you where you parked your car and more.

And there’s one more interesting feature which has been granted to it. If you research some product online, Google Now will remember it and notify you when you pass from near a store that has that particular product stocked. It’s only the Android version of the software which has been blessed with this addition however. And although Google hasn’t mentioned it in its blog post, we’re assuming that this is a US-only thing for now.

Google Now

The clever personal digital assistant from Mountain View has grown a lot ever since it was introduced as one of the highlights of the 4.1 Jelly Bean version of Android. A bevy of refinements have been introduced to it till date, with each of them making it all the more useful in our everyday lives.

This extremely aware service is part of the Google Search app that’s available for both Android and iOS platforms. The newest update which provides it with the awareness about your shopping needs is live now on the Google Play store.