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Google Now update brings new features, gets dedicated widget

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The Google Now service within the Mountain View giant’s Search application has been updated with a host of new features. And the most exciting implementation is the dedicated widget which was supposedly leaked and managed to create a splash on the internet a few days back.

Baris Gultekin, Product Management Director, states through a post on the official Android blog that the new release will make Google Now even more useful than before. To enable this, the company has integrated various new partners to provide all important information under a single roof. The first implementation on the list is aimed towards movie buffs. Apart from the latest Rotten Tomato ratings, users will be able to purchase tickets to a movie via Fandango. And these aren’t all – the service will remind them with a recommended time to leave for the theater and will even produce the tickets on arrival.

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With the addition of Zillow, users will have access to nearby real estate details with just a click. And if they were to visit the open house, the program will automatically produce additional information about the listing. To make all aforementioned features easily reachable, there is a Google Now widget in tow with the update that can be employed onto the home or lock screens for conveniently locating cards, sans the need to launch the Search application. The company also goes on to state that this being the fourth update for the service, isn’t the last.

In recent news, the Mountain View search giant released its Android 4.2.2 OS into the wild. The firmware update was reported to be rolling out for the Galaxy Nexus smartphone and the Nexus 7 as well as 10 tablets. Where improvements are concerned, the company hasn’t disclosed an official changelog as yet. However, the issues pertaining to Bluetooth audio streaming over A2DP and connectivity between peripherals seem to have been solved.

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The latest Google Now features can be accessed from the company’s Search application that is up for download on the Play store. As always, these attributes are available for free, but can only be accessed on Android smartphones or tablets running Jelly Bean 4.1 or later.

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