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Google starts showing tweets related to mobile search results

In a bid to make Google search results more dynamic than they already are, the Mountain View company has now gone on to introduce tweets into the results feed. They will basically show up when you search for something about which a major discussion on the micro-blogging website is taking place.

This Twitter integration works in a pretty simple manner. It grabs tweets relevant to the topic you’re searching for and displays them in the form of cards that can be sifted through. Google touts it to be a great way for receiving real-time information about present events, and also as a tool for organizations and people on Twitter to reach a global audience easily.

As you can see in the image right below, a search for the words ‘NASA Twitter’ yields results containing fresh tweets from the official Twitter account of the space agency. Moreover, if a particular topic is hot at the time of searching for it, the tweets swing into gear as well. For instance, if it’s the birthday of Malcolm X and you run a search about him, tweets on the subject will appear in your Google search feed.

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Google Search

Google has off late been embedding several useful features into its search results. These include the ability to search for your phone right through your browser and even the facility to order food without entering any third-party application or a website.

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This new addition which allows you to view tweets related to your search results is gradually makings its way into the mobile version of Google.com as well as in the official Google apps for Android and iOS. It’s expected to land on desktop in the time to come.