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Google Now really wants you speaking to it, update adds conversational skills

There’s no doubt that Google Now is an incredibly useful tool, and time and again, its makers keep impressing us with new features to render our lives easier than before. One such addition to the service today will help you a great deal when you’re on vacation.

Google Now already has the ability to go through your Gmail and find out about your hotel bookings, but an extension of this feature will help you better find places while on your trips. The updated app has now learned to respond to queries like ‘Okay Google, show me restaurants near my hotel.’

Google Now

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You’ll hence receive a list of restaurants that are located some distance away from where you’re staying. Once you’ve chosen a particular one, you can trigger the ‘Okay Google’ command again, and say ‘Show me the menu for the second one.’ This way, you decide if the restaurant’s offerings suit your taste and wallet or not.

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The new Google Now feature doesn’t just stop there. You can even make bookings at particular restaurants with voice commands like ‘Ok Google, make a reservation there for 7 p.m.’ This feature is made possible due to the app’s integration with OpenTable, so not all restaurants will support it.

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Google Now has even been updated to grant you directions to a chosen restaurant or bar using this new addition. And that’s still not all; the app will automatically provide you with reminders on where to pick up your rental car or when you should leave to catch your flight, and much more.