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Google now lets you book an Uber, Ola straight from search

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Google has announced a new feature which allows people to book an Ola or Uber straight from search results. The latest addition comes amid a flood of changes meant to make its popular search engine more useful to Indians.

To recall, Google Maps had gained a similar ability a few months ago. In addition to the standard walking and public transit tabs, the brand had inserted a dedicated tab for ride services like Uber and Ola. It’s now decided to expand this tool to its Google Search app and a phone’s mobile search browser.

To trigger the new skill, all an individual has to do is ask for directions to a location. The action will open a new list of options detailing the fares and pick up times for Ola and Uber cabs near them. Alternatively, people can just type in something direct like ‘taxi to Bangalore airport’ or ‘Uber to Mumbai airport.’

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Once a person has chosen which cab service they want to travel by, they’ll be redirected to the Uber or Ola app. Google will offer up a link to install either tool if it isn’t already present in their smartphone. The company recently introduced a new feature which allowed users to order food or book a table at a restaurant directly from a search results page.

Seeking out a nearby restaurant in Google Search now prompts a new ‘Place an order’ option which can be utilized to get food delivered via applications like Zomato or Swiggy. Again, consumers will be redirected to the respective app to actually place the order.