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Google Now Launcher has landed on Play Store, but only for Nexus and GPS devices

The Nexus 5 was launched with a new desktop UI called the Google Experience Launcher which was recently re-branded to the Google Now Launcher. The Mountain View giant has now made the application available directly through the Play store for free. What’s worth mentioning is that the app is currently limited to Nexus and GPE devices.

Well, chances are high that Google might open it up to more smartphones and tablets in the future. The launcher basically provides quick access to the Google Now service. You’ll be able to access it with just a simple swipe to the left from your main homescreen. From there, you can also use the touch-less voice control which can be activated by simply saying ‘Ok Google.’ This feature was previously limited to the Nexus 5.

Google Now Launcher

With the Google Now Launcher, you’ll be able to send text messages, get directions, play specific songs and a lot more. It can even be used to launch applications and services such Gmail, YouTube and Maps amongst others. The official Android Google+ page highlights that the application will provide a fullscreen experience by making the notification and navigation bars translucent. This however, will only work if supported by your device.

If you’re interested in the Google Now Launcher, you can grab it from the Play store through this link. Also, you’ll need to be running Android 4.4 KitKat for it to work. For non-Nexus devices, Android Police has the APK available for download which can be side-loaded on almost every Android phone or tablet.