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Google now introduces local search results on a map

Google local results map

Here’s some exciting news for users who frequent the internet to search for locations and services in their vicinity. Google adds a new feature to its search engine that enables users to view the results of simple location searches on a map.

More local than ever, Google now allows users to get the best results for simple searches like restaurants, doctor or a supermarket. The novel feature will allow users to view local search results on a map.

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Google offers this service irrespective of whether users type in a location or a not. The search engine provides users with results of services in their locality by simply guessing the users’ area.

For this service, Google matches a user’s IP address to that of a broad geographical location. Users also have a choice of specifying their location. Simply clicking on the ‘Change location’ link which appears at the top right corner above the map will allow users to mention their particular location.

Google offers nearly accurate search results for a user’s query. Besides, users can also take complete advantage of this new feature to look for specific stores or street addresses.

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The service is live now.

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