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Google+ now displays the number of page views on users’ profiles

Google+ is giving users the chance to brag about their popularity on the social networking website as it has added the number of page views to the profile. The number that shows up on the account is an addition of the total views for all the photos, posts as well as the profile itself.

These page views will be on display on everybody’s Google+ profiles, but you do get the option of hiding it from others if you wish to. This can be done via the settings menu. In order to hide it, you are required to click on the home button placed on the upper left corner on your Google+ profile and go to Settings.

Google Plus Page Views

After you have selected Settings, you will find a box next to text that says ‘Show how many times your profile and content have been viewed.’ In order to hide your views from people on your network, simply uncheck the box and check it if you wish to let people know exactly how popular you are.

As of now, this feature of showing or hiding the views is only available on the desktop. Which means you cannot log into your profile via Android or iOS applications or even a mobile web browser to change it. The attribute could get activated for some people by default, so make sure you visit your Settings page once to select your preferable option.

The Google+ page views have gone live, but the search engine giant says that the views may not be exact and will not be updated in real time.