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Google Now cards support 70 more apps including FoodPanda, BookMyShow, Quikr and more

The potential of Google Now was being harnessed by the search giant in a pretty awesome way, but very few third-party apps had access to it till now. That has changed in a big way, even as a total of 70 new applications have been granted the permission to insert their cards into the service.

For those unaware, Google Now is part of the Google app on Android devices, and it specializes in automatically providing you information that you may need. For instance, it may show you a card displaying the time you’ll take to reach home based on current traffic, or it may even let you track the package that’s about to arrive in mail. Hell, this app is even capable of showing you where you parked your car, in case you forget the exact location.

And the fact that it grabs these details without you even having to do a single thing is what’s amazing. With the addition of 70 new apps that will be able to insert their cards in Google Now, the platform sure has reached the peak that Google had imagined for it.

Google Now

If you have Spotify installed on your phone, Now cards can recommend playlists and stations from it, or if you happen to have Cricbuzz, you’ll get to see live scores of the game that’s on. If you’ve reserved a Meru cab for yourself, a Google Now card will show you all the details about it and moreover, even let you call the driver with just one tap.

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And the list of compatible apps is only about to grow further. Click on this link to have a look at all the third-party apps that can provide you with Google Now cards.