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Google Now can read your messages for you if that’s what you want

The voice commands in Google Now are a blessing for the all the lazy ones out there who’re not quite fond of having to handle their devices all the time. The makers of this tool have just added one more nifty little feature which lets it read out your text messages for you.

Just like in Apple’s Siri, you can ask Google Now to show you your latest text messages. The service will then spring into action, and deliver the last five messages that you have received. This trait doesn’t just stop there though; it even asks you whether you’d like to have those messages recited to you.

If you answer in the positive it will narrate the texts to you and then ask you whether you wish to reply to them. You can then say out loud what you want your reply to be and Google Now will do the rest.


The command you can use after ‘Okay Google’ is ‘show me my latest messages’ or ‘show me my last messages.’ You wouldn’t want to deviate from these exact words because saying ‘show me my newest messages’ or using ‘read me’ instead of ‘show me’ triggers the Gmail app rather than your SMS app.

This new Google Now feature only works with SMS messages coming from your carrier though. As Phone Arena has pointed out, those employing Google Voice for SMS and other such services won’t be able to take advantage of it.

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As long as you have the latest version of the Google app installed on your Android smartphone, you can take advantage of this new Google Now functionality using the above mentioned commands.