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Google Now has arrived on Chrome for desktop, brings cards interface

As was promised, Google Now has been released for the Chrome browser on desktop and the Mountain View-based company has revealed that users can now receive notifications on browsers on their computers and laptops. Now cards for weather, sports scores, traffic, reminders and more have also been made available for desktops.

Those who wish to use Google Now on their computers need not install anything. All they have to do is sign into their accounts which they use on their Android or iOS devices on the Chrome browser and they will be good to go. Google uses your mobile device’s location for Now cards and you can edit it as and when you want via the dedicated settings menu.

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In case you are not interested in receiving these notifications, all you have to do is go to the browser and click on the notifications icon on either Windows or Mac computers. Then click on the gear icon and uncheck the box for Google Now. And what’s more, this service has now been made capable of keeping you informed about incidents on your way well in advance so you do not get stuck and take an exit much before you reach the site of the accident. This has been made possible with the new update to the Google Search app.

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Google Now for Chrome has already been made available for desktops and laptops.