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Google Music update allows users to download their entire library

Google Music Update

Besides enabling users in the U.S. to stream their audio tracks from the cloud, the new Google Music update now allows them to download all uploaded songs as well as the ones purchased from the company’s online store. This feature is available on the web version of the service and through the Music Manager tool.

Providing users with a convenient method of backing up music files, the upgraded version of Music Manager now comes with the option to download all songs that are uploaded and stored in an account holder’s library on the company’s cloud server. So in cases of a system crash or HDD failure, this feature is most like to present itself as a viable backup solution. What’s more, the official Android Google+ page states that the maximum number of audio tracks which can be stored online is up to 20,000.

Google has also listed out methods for downloading content from the Music website. To being, users will need to place the mouse cursor over a song or click on an album. By keeping the Shift key pressed, multiple tracks can be selected at the same time. Once that is done, a ‘Download selected songs’ option should be available through a triangular dropdown box, located on the right of the song or album title. Unlike the aforesaid method, acquiring files from the Music Manager seems a bit more convenient. All users have to do is launch the application, then head to the ‘Download’ tab and finally select either ‘Download purchased music’ or ‘Export your library’ options.

The new Google Music update is available for free to all users in the U.S. only.