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Google may return to China with the Play store

Owing to extensive censorship and some past controversies, Google has an extremely low-profile presence in China at the moment. Despite the fact that almost all China-made smartphones run the Android OS, they do not feature Google apps and services.

That’s the reason why Google isn’t able to earn anything substantial off of Android even with when most of the smartphones in China are running its software. These phones feature a forked version of the OS that’s derived from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) which is completely free to use.

According to a report by The Information, that is about to change very soon. Google is now apparently ready to follow local laws and block Play store apps that the government finds objectionable. This will surely help it regain some lost control over the use of its operating system.

Google Apps

The report in question also states that the search giant wants Chinese developers to distribute their creations outside of China and facilitate international developers to sell their apps in China, following its entry into the country. But since manufacturers from the company already have their non-Google versions of Android established in the nation, Google is set to have a hard time convincing them to adopt its services.

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It will apparently try to invite them with incentives for upgrading Android phones to the latest versions of the operating system. Furthermore, it is also being said that the company wishes to bring Android Wear into China as well, in the near future.

One of Google’s main rivals, Apple is doing incredibly well in China which could be one more reason it has decided to try and recapture the market.