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Google may have a larger third phone codenamed taimen in the works

Google Pixel

Google has so far confirmed very little about its upcoming pair of flagship Pixel phones other than that it’ll arrive later this year. Now a pair of reports have revealed possible codenames and a third device in the works.

Android Police claims that the next Pixel smartphones have been codenamed muskie and walleye. This is in keeping with the fish theme it’s got going over the past few years such as hammerhead for the Nexus 5 and shamu for the Nexus 6.

Now Droid Life is reporting that there’s a third Google device being developed under the name taimen. The moniker refers to a very large fish in the salmon/trout family. This is a significant point, since a source asserts that the handset is bigger than muskie and walleye.

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The prediction makes sense when considering the fact that the 6-inch Nexus 6 was named after a big killer whale. Insiders say that taimen is a phone and not a tablet or 2-in-1. It also appears to be independent of the Pixel line. This suggests that it’s a separate product, perhaps the first member of an entirely new series.

As for the Pixel 2, Google has officially stated that there is no cheaper variant of the handset being developed. The denial came after a couple of reports emerged of a more affordable model that would help capture the mid-range market sector the premium Pixel could not target.

Speculation till date suggests that the Pixel 2 will boast of improved cameras which might perform better in low-light conditions. There are also whispers of Google fitting it with water resistance, a feature sorely missed in the original.