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Google Maps now remembers your parking spot so you don’t have to

Google Maps Parking

Trying to remember where exactly you parked your car can be a herculean task in huge parking lots and unknown locations. Google is now looking to make things a lot easier for you by rolling out a new Maps feature that remembers where you last saw your vehicle.

The tool is now live for both the Android and iOS version of Google Maps. To get started with the former, you’ll have to tap on the blue dot once you reach your destination and select the ‘Save your parking’ option to drop a pin. The app automatically places a ‘P’ label on the map and sets up a parking card.

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You can fill the card with relevant information like an image of the parking spot, a note describing a landmark or floor level, and how long you have before the meter expires. Google even promises to issue a reminder alert 15 minutes before time runs out on the last.

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If you’re feeling social, you can even share your parking location with your contacts. This could be very useful in cases where a friend needs to go round to your car, skipping the process of having to guide them with detailed instructions.

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Google Maps for iOS works similarly. The same blue dot has to be tapped, but the option which has to be selected is ‘Set as parking location.’ The application again presents you with a parking card with related information.

iOS notably already has a feature called automatic parking detection which adds your parking location to the map if your iPhone is connected to your car via USB audio or Bluetooth. You can download Google Maps via the Play Store or App Store.

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