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Google Maps now lets you share your real-time location with friends

Google Maps Location Sharing

Real-time location sharing has finally arrived as a feature in Google Maps, letting you disclose your current position to friends and family. The tool had actually existed within the app under the name Google Latitude years ago and is making a comeback after a sorely missed absence.

To get started, you’ll have to open the side menu or tap on the blue dot which represents your location. There should be a new ‘Share location’ option that lets you choose how long you want to broadcast your position and who with. You can even send a link to people via third-party apps.

Once you begin sharing your up-to-the-minute location, your Google Maps screen will have an icon above the compass to indicate that you are actively sharing your spot. Your contact will see you in the form of a moving image bubble on their device.

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You can kickstart real-time sharing within the navigation window as well, so you won’t have to waste time switching back and forth. All you have to do is select the ‘More’ button which resides at the bottom of the navigation screen and tap on ‘Share trip progress.’

The person on the other end will automatically see your expected arrival time and keep track of you till you make it to your destination. The sharing will cease the moment you arrive. The feature is cross-platform, meaning the friends you share your location with can view it on Android, iPhone, desktop, and mobile web.

Real-time location sharing is set to roll out to both iOS and Android users all across the world over the course of the week. You can download Google Maps via the App Store and Play Store.