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Google Maps for iPhone touches 10 million downloads in 48 hours, Apple goes to the doc

Google Maps for iPhone

Google Maps for iPhone has achieved a milestone feat. It has garnered over 10 million downloads in a little under 48 hours of its release for the latest iOS platform. This is in part, due to the fact that iPhone 5 users endured a disappointing spell behind the wheel with the native app.

Apple’s own vision of a mapping application for its iOS 6 didn’t go as planned, to say the least. It was buggy and people voiced their grievances towards the Cupertino-based technology bigwig. Last week Google put those agitated folks at ease when it revealed that a new app for the iPhone 5 was being released.

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And with so many new iPhone units sold in a short period of time, this was not unforeseeable. In fact, Apple announced that it had sold over 5 million of the new flagship phone just three days into its official launch. And when it went on sale in China, the results mirrored those overseas, with the company selling more than 2 million during its first weekend there.

Coming to the bit about the maps application, Jeff Huber, a senior vice president at Google acknowledged the accomplishment with a post on his Google+ account, congratulating the maps team working with the search giant, for the all hard work expended on the release.

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One of the key highlights of the Google-developed application is that it provides turn-by-turn navigation while driving. This means that users can have Siri speak out and guide them through unfamiliar territory. It also brings to users access to live traffic information in various cities around the globe and even provides directions for taking the bus, the train, the subway, or when walking.

Besides pinpoint directions, the app also gives iPhone 5 owners 360-degree panorama views of places with Street View. In addition, high-resolution satellite imagery can be accessed and users can see inside over 100,000 businesses around the world.

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Some iPhone users reported encountering trouble while trying to download Google Maps for iPhone over the past few days. Now we know why. The application is available from Apple’s iTunes store in a 6.7MB bundle. It is compatible with a wide assortment of languages including English, Italian, German, Chinese and French, although an iPad release has not been spotted yet.