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Google Maps gets a timeline now, shows you all the locations you’ve been to

It’s hard to point out what’s missing in Google Maps since it’s such an exquisitely well designed service. The folks over at Mountain View however, want to make it even more versatile than it already is, and have hence introduced a new feature called Your Timeline.

Meant only for the web and Android versions of the service as of now, this new Google Maps trait lets you trace your journey on a given day, month or year based on the places you’ve been to. It will present you with a timeline that will contain detailed information about your whereabouts.

Those familiar with Google’s Location History portal will be aware that it provides similar offerings, but Your Timeline is deeply integrated into Maps and offers far more advanced features than it. It firstly, gives you full control of the timeline, allowing you to delete the entire history or that of a particular day.

Google Maps

Every place that appears in Your Timeline can be edited, including removing a specific location. But one of the most interesting additions definitely has to be the ability to give custom names to frequently visited places.

Yes, Google Maps has finally been blessed with the facility to give whatever name you want for a particular place. So your mother-in-law’s house can be named ‘Hitler’s House’ or whatever you feel like calling it. Better yet, once you’re logged in the places will appear with their custom names throughout all the platforms.

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One more exciting Maps addition that’s worth mentioning is that Your Timeline integrates with Google Photos if you use the latter service. It does this to add photographs of a particular location on your timeline in case you’ve clicked them at that place.

It should be noted that Your Timeline for Google Maps will be rolled out in a gradual manner; so don’t be surprised if it hasn’t arrived on your Android devices or your desktops yet.