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Google Maps to get bombarded with ads soon

Google Maps Ads

Amid all the new innovations and products which Google has blessed us with over the years, it’s easy to forget that advertising is one of its biggest revenue sources. The company is now looking to bombard your screen with ads while you’re out and about and using Google Maps.

Google announced the new development in a blog post about fresh additions to AdWords. It claims that roughly one-third of all mobile searches are queries about location. This makes it an ideal space to slip in more advertisements for consumers who are looking to find a store to buy something or seeking a restaurant to have dinner at.

This is where the new local search ads for both Google Search and Maps enters the picture. The tool lets businesses which are utilizing location extensions to be present up top when a person searches for terms like ‘shoe store’ or ‘car repair near me.’ The move comes across as a natural step forward for the brand since it’s been following such a system for other queries for years now.

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Google is also experimenting with new ad formats for Maps to multiply store visits. First on the agenda are promoted pins for places like coffee shops and gas stations. These pins look similar to the current ones except it’ll feature the businesses’ logo, making it more eye-catching and likely to attract attention.

Tapping on these promoted pins pulls up the store’s page within which consumers will find special discount offers and access to a list of products being sold there. For instance, selecting the Walgreens pin gives users the opportunity to get $3 off on contact lens solutions.

It’s a solid concept which benefits both parties, but could lead to a certain degree of imbalance as smaller shops may struggle to keep up with the deep pockets of bigger outlets. Google hasn’t announced when exactly these changes to Maps will roll out yet, so brace yourselves for a future where ads decide where you go.