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Google Maps adds stickers and lets you label any place now

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There are two new changes that have come to Google Maps today; the first one will just please you visually, but the second one is an important feature which fans have been wanting since long. The app’s update has just made its way to the Android version though, while its iOS counterpart should get it in the coming weeks.

The visual change that we talked about is the introduction of stickers to be added as new icons for your Home and Work addresses. So you can now make your house look like it’s an igloo, or a tree house or even a yellow submarine for that matter. In all, there are 24 stickers to choose from for Home and Work on Google Maps.

In case you haven’t done it yet, we’d advise you to set your Home and Work locations in the service in order to take advantage of some really awesome benefits like the driving mode, public transit help and more. This can be done by opening the side-menu in Google Maps and heading into the Your Places option.

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And now for the more important feature from this update. Just like how you’re able to set Home and Work locations, wouldn’t it be great if you could label your gym the same way, or say perhaps the bar you frequent all the time? You can finally do that now, by opening a location’s Google Maps entry and tapping the three-dots icon to select the Add label option.

So the next time you want to drive to your gym, just type gym in the search bar and you’ll quickly have access to the directions of your workout haven, complete with traffic conditions, best routes and more. This saves the time you would usually spend typing in the full name of your gym and selecting the right one from the options.

Like we said, these new Google Maps changes have only made their way into the Android version for now, which can be downloaded through the Google Play store.